Belgische Vereniging voor Bouwrecht

De Belgische Vereniging voor de Studie van het Bouwrecht (BVBR) heeft als doel :
  1. de studie van het bouwrecht, zowel nationaal als internationaal en overheids- als privé-opdrachten;
  2. het publiceren van artikels, het organiseren van studiedagen, colloquia e.d.;
  3. de betrekkingen met gelijkaardige buitenlandse organisaties.


Datum: 2018/02/27 - 12u-14u
Plaats: ADEB-VBA Grootveldlaan 148 1150 Brussel

ESCL prize winning master theses

Contract conditions for ground risk under the 1999 FIDIC suite of contracts: a critical review by Eugenio Zoppis
Optimising the usability of the innovation partnership procedure for contracting authorities by Gerben Hofmeijer

Book: Standards and Construction Law

​​The European Society of Construction Law (ESCL) was founded in 1981. An integral part of the ESCL is the annual conference, which took place from 6th until 8th October 2016 in Vienna. The conference, which was organized by the Austrian Society of Construction Law and Construction Business Management (ÖGEBAU), was held under the motto "Standards and Construction Law". The background for this is that technical and legal standards influence the construction law, but that their validity is often ambiguous. This conference book includes contributions from Elisabeth Stampfl-Blaha (Austrian Standards Institute), Andreas Kropik (Technical University of Vienna) and Rainer Mikulits (Austrian Institute of Construction Engineering) as well as country reports from Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany and United Kingdom. The book is bilingual and all contributions are written in German and in English.
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Studies in European Construction Law

International projects and other cross-border activity have become a common part of the European construction scene. As well as opportunities, this phenomenon brings challenges and risks. It has become vital for those working outside their own national boundaries to have some appreciation of the legal environment in which they are operating, not as a substitute for specialist legal advice, but as a basis for understanding.
This book, prepared under the auspices of the European Society of ­Construction Law, contains accounts of the law of twelve major European jurisdictions in ­relation to a range of construction matters. Some are general, such as standard form contracts and sub-contracting, and the respective obligations of employer and ­contractor. Others are specific aspects of contractual performance: the duty to warn, payment, subsoil conditions, delay and disruption and liquidated damages. Issues of liability and dispute resolution are also considered.
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